Synthetic or Leather: Choosing Wisely When Comes Soccer Boots

Choosing the Synthetic or Leather soccer boots

Synthetic or Leather: Choosing Wisely When Comes Soccer Boots

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Soccer is the most loved sport of all time. It is so versatile, classic, and exciting game that people are fond of playing, watching and enjoying. However, soccer has evolved a lot in terms of playing surfaces, gears, and equipment used.

Traditionally, leather shoes were used by soccer players. While today the manufacturers have shifted to synthetic material for soccer boots. However, still some brands make both synthetic as well as leather ones.

Both have their pros and cons and to make it easier for you to make the right choice, here is everything that you need to know.

Things to Consider to Choose Between Synthetic or Leather Shoes

Earlier, soccer players prefer leather boots as it was the only convenient material meeting the demands of the sport. However, with the modernization and leather ban, the manufacturers have shifted significantly to synthetic options.

Still, brands like Nike and Adidas release limited models of leather material as well. So, based on your requirement you can make your decision wisely. Also, here is your informative guide which will further make it easier for you.

Though the synthetic material is dominating over the leather boots it does not implies that the synthetic boots do not have any drawbacks.

Most of the leather shoes are composed of Kangaroo leather. It is illegal and completely banned in several countries especially in California, brands have shifted to synthetic material. But you can choose which is best for your game and comfort if you know how to differentiate between the two considering both their pros and cons.

You don’t have to look any further now. In this guide, you will get every detail about both types of shoes and which one you must opt for to display your best potential.

1.      Leather Soccer Cleats

Leather Soccer Cleats

Leather is a natural material that was easily available earlier. Thus, traditionally it was used for manufacturing shoes for soccer players. The major advantages of leather cleats are as follows.

The leather cleats are thick and provide enhanced protection to the foot. Being a high-paced game, foot injuries are quite common in soccer. Thus, it is always good to protect the feet as much as possible and leather boots are best for this.

Further leather boots are extra soft, comfortable, and mold well as per the foot. Also, they come with durability and last longer if maintained properly.

On the other hand, there are a few limitations with leather boots to play soccer. These are heavier which is not beneficial for players. Also, it absorbs water and leads to damage when left without proper maintenance. The color, texture, and design options are limited for leather boots.

2.      Synthetic Soccer Cleats

Synthetic Soccer Cleats

Since synthetic boots are developed after the leather ones. It is designed keeping the limitations of the latter in mind. So, it comes with lighter weight, water resistance, advanced features that require less maintenance.

Also, you will find there is a wide range of prices available in synthetic soccers. It enables you to buy the best option that too in cheaper rate. An affordable, lightweight, and stylish model offered by Nike is in the Cr7 Superflys Black range. It is best for super-fast speed and to let the opponent taste dust and nothing else.

However, some drawbacks are still there that you must know before making your final purchase. It includes less durability, limited protection due to thin material. The comfort level is also low especially for wider feet.



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