Get A Mirror View Of An Application Tracking System

Get A Mirror View Of An Application Tracking System

Application Tracking System (ATS) is a human resource software that enacts as a database for job applicants.  ATS tracking system is used by businesses or companies of all sizes to organize, search, and communicate with a larger audience of applicants. The main agenda behind using ATS tracking system is to make life easier for hiring managers or recruiters. Many times, companies often tend to hire for multiple positions and receive thousands of job applications for each job opening. So, when you receive so many resumes at a time, it becomes difficult for the recruiter or hiring manager to read them thoroughly and carefully. With an ATs system they can easily sort through each applicant based on search filters (e.g. educational level and location), keywords (e.g. job titles and hard skills) or how well does the CV matches job requirements.

How Does An Applicant Tracking System Function?

Every ATS system features unique specialties and functions differently though their goal remains the same. It includes automatic rankings, keyword searching, CV parsing, and applicant experience.

Regardless of each ATS’s strengths and weaknesses, the basic algorithm remains the same. When you enroll in for a job through ATS, you will most likely be asked to answer questions that are addressed as “knockout questions”. These questions can prevail in the form of checkboxes or short question answers. Their main goal after all is narrowing the pool of applicants. If any of the questions are answered unsatisfactorily, the CV would be flagged and removed automatically by the ATS. By grace, if you answer them on the point then you’ll make it through the next stage.

How Do Recruiters Hire?

Hiring managers and recruiters search the resumes stored in the ATS by making use of keywords. These resume keywords are the replica of keywords used in the job posting. They could be based on either experience, skills, location, former employers, or educational qualifications.

Hiring managers and recruiters can also pen notes or star-rate each applicant. As ATS stores resume, it can be possible that an applicant will be contacted for another position in the same company in the future provided that candidate has no negative feedback on their job.

Whether you believe it or not, your social media presence counts a lot when yup apply for a job. Your profile can help your job search since some ATS use social media to search for potential candidates. They possess the ability to search through social channels for keywords.

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