Benoquik Monobenzone cream For Vitiligo Disease

Benoquik Monobenzone cream For Vitiligo Disease


Vitiligo is one of the most common dermatological disorders that appears as one or more white macules or patches and affects up to 2 percent of the world’s population. Vitiligo’s undesirable aesthetic properties, particularly facial ones, can result in significant negative psychosocial effects, especially a rate of depression twice that of the general population. While there is no cure, there are several treatment options, in severe cases in particular depigmentation. The most potent depigmenting agent is monobenzone. However, due to the permanent and potent nature of the drug its use is limited. Shop at Livayush today as timely monobenzone treatment is warranted, showing an excellent clinical response, resulting in a significant improvement in the quality of life in a patient with severe vitiligo.

Application Of Benoquik cream

First Mix Benoquin 20% Cream in nearly half of Olive Oil. Dryness caused by Benoquin cream is reduced by mixing with olive oil. Now place the mixture in an airtight jar with a temperature range of 15-30 degrees centigrade. Wash the affected area dark or the entire body with soap. Apply a thin layer of Benoquin cream to wet skin immediately after a bath. To see noticeable results, apply cream 3 times a day to the affected area for at least 2 months. Initially, Benoquin monobenzone 20 cream percent cream gives irritation, burning sensation, redness and dryness, and peeling or cracking of the skin at times, but differs from individual to individual. Consult your doctor if things worsen up. As your doctor advises, you can also use cream alone without mixing with olive oil.

Cautions To Be Taken Care Of

This drug is used for use on the skin. To avoid hypersensitivity, the Benoquik cream should be administered with a patch check for 48 h. Avoid applying Benoquik to the eyelids and near-eye areas. Stop having this drug in your eyes, or your mouth or nose. If the cream is administered accidentally in these areas, splash plenty of water. The skin will be permanently damaged by taking this drug and will be prone to sunlight. Avoid prolonged Sunlight exposure. Always use an SPF 15 or higher sunscreen, and wear protective clothing outdoors.

Awareness Before The Usage Of Cream

Monobenzone is an effective depigmenting agent, neither a cream for skin fairness nor a gentle cosmetic bleach. Do not use except as prescribed by your doctor or without a Physician’s strict supervision.

Do not use this drug to treat other skin discoloration problems such as sunspots, age spots, freckles, skin discoloration caused by hormone medicine, perfumes, pregnancy, or skin trauma.

Keep this out of reach of children.

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